Why support Debate Mate USA?

20 percent of all children in the USA live in households below the poverty line, and 45% live in low-income households. Only 10 percent of these children will achieve a 4-year degree by the age of 23. We address this problem by teaching students key 21st century skills and increasing their confidence, self-esteem and ability to communicate with others. Each aspect of our program is designed to address obstacles that children in poverty face, from low levels of literacy to a lack of sufficient role models and self-expectations.

What does your donation fund:

  • $5 -- healthy snacks for one Debate Mate session
  • $10 -- one student to participate in one Debate Mate program session
  • $25 -- payment and transportation for one Debate Mate mentor for one program session
  • $100 -- one school to be able to participate in one round of the Debate Mate Cup
  • $250 -- one student to be able to participate in the Debate Mate program for one year
  • $1000 -- one round of the Debate Mate League for the entire Greater Boston region
  • $4000 -- a Debate Mate club to run at a partner school for the entire program year

Donation information

Debate Mate USA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that depends on the generous financial support of our donors to deliver our program to schools.  To maintain accessibility to our program regardless of socioeconomic factors, we do not charge students or schools fees to participate in our programs.  This commitment is central to our mission of empowering youth to find their inner voice.



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