Mia, the Patrick Lyndon School

"If I ruled the world, I would make sure that everyone had enough money to sustain themselves and live without extreem poverty (or poverty period).I would make sure that everyone has a house to live in that has heat and running water.

    When I was younger I used to think that I was less fortunat than others, because I didnt have the new IPad, or I didnt take trips to exotic places every time there was a school break, but .I am fortunat to have an IPad and I am fortunate to have a home where I dont have to worry about what I'm going to eat the next day.I have realized that I am privilaged and am way more fortunate than other people living on the streets with nothing to eat and rags for clothes.

    No one should have to worry that they wont have anything to eat tomorrow, or that their children will die of starvation.We (ALL human beings) should be able to live without fear of starvation or thirst.We all should have the nessecities of life (food, water, shelter, and warmth).No one should have to live on the streets with nothing but rags for clothes and scraps of food, let alone raising a family in the harsh conditions af summer in extreem haet and the rough conditions of below zero tempatures of winter.

    I once visited Istanbul,Turkey and alongthe streets no matter where you went, you saw chilren with their parents and a newborn child holding up a sign saying "We are Seirian refugies, we have no home, money, or food please help us." It was verry sad to see that so many people are without homes and food.

    Poverty and starvation arntthings that we can avoid easily,  because one way or another someone will live in poverty or die of starvation, but with everyone helping each other and lowering tax prices (and prices for anything else basicly) we will lower the nubers of people living in poverty.

    Many people steal food and clothes from markets and other people.Some people are so desprat that they are willing to kill for money and shelter.By giving/ helping people the nessesities of life,we can (kind of ) avoid violence and starvation.

    That is why if I ruled the world, I would make sure everyone had enough money to sustain themselves and live a peaceful life without extreem poverty.

    I hope that this inspires you to make a differance and help others in need."If you try to make a differance even in the smallest way you can make a huge impact."